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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Trip to Middle Earth

When I mentioned to our Travel Agent Jason (Downunder Travel - fabulous!) that we were going to spend a few days in New Zealand before returning home to Canada, he suggested a couple of trips.  The first was to the island of Waiheke, which we went to yesterday, and the second was to Hobbiton where the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit were filmed.  I was a little concerned as I had heard that the site was not particularly good - not much to see, lots of restrictions etc.  What if it as just a 'green screen' and you pose for photos in front and have the scenery magically added?  But, as it is one of Paul's favorite franchises, I booked up anyway . . . .

We were picked up just after 7am for a 2.5 - 3hr journey through the rolling hills of North Island, New Zealand where we were met by a guide and walked around the corner to see this:

It really was fabulous!  The books (as I am sure you all know) describe the rolling English countryside and this is something that has been carefully replicated in this film set, that is now a permanent structure that you can walk around, take photos, and enjoy!  The whole visit is carefully orchestrated so that there is plenty of time to take photos, pose etc., before the next group walk on through.  It really isn't hard to take such lovely photos:



I cannot recommend this trip enough.  The attention to details is quite amazing - try zooming in on the photos to see all the props outside the homes.  Also, the plants, flowers, vegetables, trees, grass are all beautiful.

So when in the Shire, where would one go for lunch?  Why, the Green Dragon of course!

A terrific day.  What else can I say, other than can I go back again please?

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  1. That's Unreal!!!

    What a site to see...