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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Downtown Adelaide

Weather: 21c, overcast.

Today was spent shopping:

Actually, I was very good at the fabric shop and only looked . . . . maybe not so good at the Pandora shop - but boy, the prices are a lot cheaper than in Canada, so I may have picked up a couple of Australian inspired charms . . . . . .

We then spent the afternoon on North Terrace, a long, long road that has lots of lovely old buildings, including the Museum, the Freemasons Hall, statues, Adelaide University etc.,  Here are a few favorites:

The architecture rather reminds me of Cambridge - all the sandstone.  Very beautiful.

We spent the afternoon at the South Australian Museum, which was really neat.  I find it very interesting to see history from different perspectives.  In the UK we are the conquerors, discovering new worlds, there is also lots of information about the industrial revolution, etc.,  In Canada you can learn about the explorers, Metis and First Nations.  In Australia the perspective is from the explorers (again!) and the Aboriginal people. I am really quite interested in the Aboriginal paintings - their significance and the stories that they tell.  I picked up a couple of small books and look forward to reading more about it.  I took a couple of photos of the shields in the museum which are not only used for defence, but also to tell the story of the owner:


And what museum worth its salt does not have an example of a fabulous old Singer?  This one was used by Antarctic explorers (early 20th century) and has a hand crank (as you can see), but also a weird foot lever that I just could not fit in the photo!  Apparently all the explorers would have to be able to use one, because if clothing or equipment needed to be repaired, it was down to the individual to do so.  No spares flown in here!

It certainly looks well loved and used!

To finish off, here is a quick outtake.  I was messing round behind some metal railings, and Sharon took this pics as I was walking away . . . turns out that it was the best of the lot!!

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  1. Glad you found Pandora!! You can go home a happy lady!! It is great to follow your adventures. I am so pleased for all of you. Keep the news coming, the bloggs make my days!! Loads of love, them thar
    Hills xxxx