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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sing When You're Winning . . .

. . . . . you only sing when you're winning!  And won we did.  Well, Jack (the son of our hosts) did.  Today was a lovely sunny day, and we went and watched Jack's last match of the season and his team won 4-2.  Hurrah!

And here is Jack with his uncle (my brother Paul), and my Dad.  Paul plans to return to football next summer - he used to play quite a bit in the UK, and hopes to join an over 35's league next season, however, having seen how much energy these young lads have . . . . . he may well be changing his mind!

We then went off and had a lovely lunch in Stirling, a small town outside of Adelaide.  Paul tried Kangeroo - apparently it tastes much like a tender steak, whilst I had a great lamb shank - very nice indeed.  And so much more reasonably priced here in Australia.  We parked near to this lovely Citroen:

Next was a trip up Mount Lofty where we had fabulous panoramic views of Adelaide and the bay beyond:

And of course, there were even more gorgeous flowers:

I have to say that I am really blown away by the fabulous plants and flowers 'just growing' by the side of the road.  I took a picture of this camellia at the polling station (our hosts had to vote today - and if you do not vote, you get fined!  It will interesting to see what voter turnout is like) and we saw some huge rosemary bushes near to the footy pitches.  All this means that the air smells very fragrant, and along with the sound of the birds - and we are talking parakeets and cockatiels here - it really is a great place to be!

More trips planned for tomorrow, as well as a 'holiday within a holiday' that will hopefully include Ayers Rock, Alice Springs and Sydney - can't wait!

Weather: 21c, mostly sunny.

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  1. Great pics. Glad the weather is nice for you. You have picked a great time of year. Not too hot.