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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside, Oh I do Like . . . .

to be beside the sea!  Well, the alternate title was going to be 'Life's a Beach', so all is good!

Weather: 18c, windy.  Really windy!!

Especially at the seaside :)  Which is where we spent our day today.  Victor Harbor, just south of Adelaide.  It was very windy, and with the exception of a short downpour when I was devouring this:

Mmmm, steak sandwich!

Ah yes, apart from when I was having a lovely lunch, it was sunny.  And coming from a land locked province, what does one do beside the seaside?  Yep, one dips ones trotters into the sea:
And frightens the birds!

This is a very seaweedy beach, and the gulls were actually perched on top of a huge pile of dried seaweed.  It must have been very warm and dry for them.

It wasn't a white beach/clear blue sea beach, but it was rather nice, and quite.  I am guessing that the locals were wondering why the foreigners were getting all excited about sand and cold water, but we enjoyed ourselves:


Quite beautiful.

And young Miss Sharon found something to occupy her time:


Yep, another place that we have now been banned from . . . . . .

All in all, another fabulous day.  Tomorrow we set off to Sydney for a whirlwind visit (not unlike the rest of the holiday!)  I am hoping to see the opera house and Bondi Beach - not too sure how I'm getting to them, but that is the plan!

Again, many thanks for the comments - I know that I am not replying but my computer is playing silly B's, but rest assured that the comments are being read, and shared with the others!

Grrrr!  Just decided that it is not the computer but BLOGGER!!!!!  It takes about 10mins to write a post and upload some pics, then about an hour to format the post because Blogger keeps adding extra lines . . . 


  1. Lorraine (et al).

    I am envious but so glad for the blogs as it feels like I am traveling with you.

    Love the photos. Obviously a trip of a lifetime.

  2. Enjoy Sydney - I recommend the harbour boat tour.
    For some reason, blogger is refusing to identify me today! It's Fiona M of seams straightforward.

  3. Where are you staying and for how long? I am happy to come and pick you up and take you to Bondi Beach over the weekend. I can take you all there if you but I don't walk around so I can wait for you. Love to do that if you want. Email me at bevinvest (at) bigpond (dot) com if you want.