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Monday, September 9, 2013

In and Out of Gaol - and a Touch of Silk

Well, today was a very busy day - lots to organise, lots to plan.  First of all we drove into Adelaide itself so that we could book a motor-home for a trip to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock, a 3200km round trip.  This was the first time I had driven in Australia, and it had been 9 years since I had driven on the left had side of the road and about 5 years since I had driven a manual (gear shift).  Thankfully, it all came together pretty quickly - surprisingly so in fact, and with the help of GPS, we arrived at the motor-home company, only to be told that the next booking available would be mid-October.  Doh!  Plan B it is then!  We hired a car (a Holden Commodore) in dog-sick-yellow (our thinking was that we would not lose it in a car park!), and will just have to book hotels on our route into the Outback.  Once of the conditions tied into the car hire was that we can only drive between dawn and dusk - otherwise the chance of hitting a kangaroo is very high, and they cause a lot of damage to vehicles. 

You don't get that in Canada.  We set off tomorrow.

Next was a stop for me at the Eastern Silk Shop.  Oh bliss - I did what all good seamstresses do . . . and bought some fabric - well, it is so light and it fits in the case so easily!!!  Here are a few quick pics of inside the shop:

I have enough fabric for a couple of shell tops to wear under a jacket and I believe that there may be a return journey before we leave!!

Sightseeing was next on the list - and a trip to Adelaide Gaol.  This was quite amazing and very barbaric - how I wish we had gaols like this when I was in the Police in the UK . . . . 

Dad checking out the trap door (above) of the gallows.

Last but not least we went and had fish and chips on the beach at Glenelg - along with about 500 seagulls.  I kid you not!

Avery beautiful place with some stunning architecture.

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside . . . . !

Weather:  Mostly sunny - some rain showers (when we were indoors), 21c.

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  1. You are DRIVING from Adelaide to Alice!!!! WOW. That is some trip. Thanks for showing us parts of Oz that I haven't seen.