Musings, photos and general bits 'n' bobs about my trip to Australia and New Zealand, September 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Eagle has Landed!

Weather: 16c, cloudy

After only 26hrs, we arrived.  All in all, the journey was great - as usual, not much space on the planes, but fantastic entertainment with the in-flight entertainment.

From New Zealand we flew over the east coast of Australia, just south of Sydney and this was our first view of the country:

Our first stop in Adelaide was to have a coffee on the beach - just 10 minutes from the airport!  Henley Beach looks gorgeous (a little windy and overcast), but for a 'travelling' day, that will do us fine!!

We had a lazy first day - fortunately it looks as though we have all managed to escape without too many jetlag issues, and just took a wander into Adelaide and one of the malls.  It was interesting to see all the British influences - including a Woolworths! 

Oh, and Kangaroo steaks.  I'm not too sure about this, but who knows!  We also came across some Australian soldiers raising money for Legacy - an organization that raises money for the families of deceased and incapacitated soldiers, so Dad jumped in for a quick photo opportunity:

One of the great things about visiting a new country is to see all the fabulous plants that grow naturally - here are a few shots of the ones growing nearby:

The geranium bush was about 4ft tall and the osteospermum was about the same size, but as ground cover.  Just amazing - they are seasonal annuals in Canada :)


  1. Thought I had subscribed to this but missed these posts. Will have to check out daily. Isn't it interesting how different plants grow in different regions. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. BTW - I don't eat roo meat as it is very very very lean so you have to cook it blue - ie - barely cooked.