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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Au Revoir Australia and Hello New Zealand!

Well, it is 0230hrs in the morning, the wind is howling outside my hotel window, so what better time than to update the blog?!

Today is Wednesday September 25th and it is my Wedding Anniversary.  Sadly I am away from my loved one (missing you honey xx), but have been treated by my family who are here with me in New Zealand – ah yes, shopping time in Pandora!! 

So today was also quite a big day, we left Geelong (after meeting Lina’s lovely Mum, Nona B) and drove to Melbourne for our flight to Auckland, New Zealand. Unfortunately we did not get to see Melbourne, but I did get some great pics of Geelong . . . . 

And once at the airport, we saw these characters . . . . . 

On Sunday, the Hawthorn Hawks take on the Fremantle Dockers in the final of the Aussie Rules footy.  We quite got into the footy whilst in Australia, and decided to choose a team each.  Using a random number generator, I got the Hawks, and Dad got the Dockers.  Sunday’s flight could be very long depending upon the result.  Incidentally, Hawthorns colours – brown and amber, are exactly the same as my old school colours at Devonport High Schoolfor Girls in Plymouth, Devon (UK).  How bizarre!

Finally, a HUGE thank-you to John, Lina and Jack - Sharon's brother and family, who so kindly looked after us during our time in Australia.  Without them, we would not have been able to do all that we did - they have been fantastic hosts, and we look forward to repaying their kindness when they come to visit us in Canada!

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