Musings, photos and general bits 'n' bobs about my trip to Australia and New Zealand, September 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Into the Outback - Day Two

Weather: Sunny 34c

Today we drove from Coober Pedy to Alice Springs - not such a long day (about 8 hours), and some amazing scenery en route.  We saw a dingo and camels . . . but still no elusive kangaroos!

This is where we stopped to refuel and have lunch.  For some bizarre reason the tree has shoes hanging from it . . . . Kulgera is in the 'bush' and will be our stopping point on the return from Ayers Rock in a couple of days.  Very desolate . . . and yet still the flies have found it :)

Hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of straight roads, sunny skies and . . . . no other vehicles!!

Woohoo!  We have arrived!!  Alice Springs is in the Northern Territory with a population of around 25,000 - about the same size as Strathmore - a town near to where we live in Alberta.  It is pretty much slap-bang in the middle of Australia and is literally miles from anywhere!

And this is the view from my room!  May need to check the pool out tomorrow . . .

So, we went shopping to get some munchies . . . and look what we found in the freezer - kangaroo tail.  It appears to be popular as this is the only one left, but I don't think that I will be trying it out :(

Tomorrow we will be spending the day in and around Alice Springs - and I am hoping to go on to a kangaroo sanctuary in the evening.  Alice Springs is also the centre for aboriginal art - and there are a number of galleries here, so maybe we will have time for some shopping?!


  1. I'm really enjoying your Oz blog. I was there this time last year and visited WA, SA, Victoria and Tassie. On a previous trip we covered the East coast. There's so much to see!
    You've visited some of the same places (wineries, hic!) but I'm especially looking forward to your thoughts on the 'Interior', as that's still unexplored territory for us.
    Enjoy your trip :o)

  2. You are lucky you didn't come in summer. There are more flies but they are slow moving because of the heat - like everyone else.