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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adelaide - Warrnambool

Monday September 23rd

Weather: - Hot & Sunny (again!)

Today we arrived in Warrnambool from Adelaide, a small town on the coast, on the way to Melbourne.  We stopped here to break up the journey, but also to visit a Shipwreck light show.  It was great fun, and introduced us to some of the history of this area – there were many shipwrecks of the boats that came from England carrying immigrants who were all excited about starting a new life in Australia.  Being an immigrant myself (from the UK to Canada) it is hard to imagine what these people went through.  When you think of all the preparation that you would do nowadays – visiting the new country, researching on the internet, talking to people who live there already, applications etc., it blows your mind to think that these people packed their one suitcase and set forth, not knowing what they would face.  All very brave.  Here are a few pics of our walk to the Shipwreck show.

The last two are of the accommodation that we stay in in Warnambool - we had the top two floors of the left hand side of the Stonescutters Inn -  a fabulous apartment and I would strongly recommend it.  It even had a cute (!?) gargoyle on the roof!

I have to share a few photos with you that we took en-route – this is from Keith, you’ve got to love a place that displays a Land Rover in such a manner.  As I walked up to take the photo I thought that Harry Potter may have a flying Ford Anglia – but here in Australia they have Land Rovers!!!

We also stopped at Mt Gambier to look at this lake in the middle of a volcanic eruption.  The water is a lovely deep blue – and is around 70metres deep.  It would be great to have been able to go for a swim!!

Tomorrow we drive down to Geelong which I believe is just outside Melbourne and we will be going along the Great Coast road which will be fabulous.  Looking forward to that :)

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