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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hahndorf - and a Bit of a Rest

Weather: 21c, overcast and drizzly

Well, it was a rest for us!  We had a bit of a lazy day and drove out to Hahndorf, a German settlement about an hour away from us.  The drive was fabulous - through some very lush valleys and beautiful landscape.  It is very reminiscent of Wales/England with the windy roads, overhanging trees, streams and camels.  Oh yes, we passed a wildlife park and saw the back end of a couple of camels.  Maybe not quite so much like the UK then?!

We had a very lovely lunch at a German Bakery - Jaegerburgers, sauerkraut, bratwurst and bockwurst.  Not all on one plate you understand . . . . again, for those that do not know us so well, my father was in the British Army and we lived in Germany for quite a few years, so it was lovely to have some German food again!

I also took a few arty photos - I rather like these:

A lovely, slow day - much needed and enjoyed!  We have booked our trip to Sydney - we leave on Thursday evening, so have a few days to check out Adelaide.  Watch this space!

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  1. The Adelaide Hills are very like parts of Wales/England,which is why my parents settled there - we are from that part of UK (and also Londoners)- so it is interesting that you think so as well. Adelaide is a quite place, so you should have a nice, relaxing few days before the hustle and bustle of Sydney.