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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Into the Outback - Day One

This is a bit of a treat - as we are now driving (for 3200km), I am able to sit back and and write a bit more about the day, rather than just posting pictures.  So here we go!  With a picture - this is the yellow peril, aka 'Skippy' that will take us up adventuring into the outback.  We luv ya Skip!

We left Adelaide in the rain - stormy clouds overhead, and began our journey to Coober Pedy, a small town known for its opals and underground houses.  We went via Port Augustus - the last piece of coast that we will see for the next week.  So far we have driven through the lush, green countryside that has been photographed in other posts and we are now looking at scrubland with baked red earth, made from the local sandstone. 

We have seen a couple of herds (?) of emus (one point to Sharon for spotting them).  They were pretty hard to see as they have brown bodies and long dark necks - very well camoflaged.  They are a little like meerkats and follow you with their heads as we drove by - no photos, sorry.

We have not see any kangeroos yet - live ones that is.  There have been dozens 'sleeping' at the side of the road - they look like small, disused carpets.  Very sad.  It is interesting to see that as the vegetation changes and there are more bushes & trees - the more sleeping 'roos we see.  Sigh :(

We have seen a lot of small lizards/geckos (I'm not sure of the difference) but they are about 8-12" long and like to sunbathe on the road.  C'mon guys - you are not doing yourselves any favours.

We also found out why the typical caricature of an Australian shows a hat being worn with corks hanging down . . . boy - the flies are a pain.  We got out the car to take the photos above and there must have been dozen descend upon me within seconds.  I'm surprised the photos turned out so well - what with me waving my hands round and shouting like a lunatic . . . . no one warned us about these.  Grrrr!

Nonetheless, we arrived safe and sound in Coober Pedy:

Very picturesque in the evening sun!  Talking of which - doesn't the sun go down quickly?  As we are not allowed to drive at dusk (an insurance disclaimer due the kangaroos being a hazard on the roads) we were interested to see what time it started to go dark this evening - 1830hrs, and 15 minutes later the place was in darkness.  Whooosh!

Tomorrow we continue on to Alice Springs, then we get to rest for a couple of days and take a look around.

A big thank you to those who have commented on this blog - much appreciated :)

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  1. You have seen more of my country than I have. Yes the outback certainly has a lot of flys and prompts the great Aussie wave as Oprah said. And the red centre really is red. Glad you are enjoying yourself.