Musings, photos and general bits 'n' bobs about my trip to Australia and New Zealand, September 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Great Ocean Road

Weather: - Warm, mostly sunny (feels like my nose got burned again . . . . )

Just when you think that you have seen all the good scenery, BAM, you turn the corner and bump into a shed load more.  Seriously.  And so it happened today on our trip from Warrnambool to Geelong.  It is a relatively short drive, but it took us as all day due to the fabulous scenery that just had to be photographed.  This particular coast is the last resting place of many souls who perished at sea, their boats crashing and disintegrating on the jagged rocks that are the focus of many of these pictures.  A savage beauty.  

But first - we stopped the car and jumped out to take this - hilarious!

First (proper) stop was the 'Bay Of Islands':

I love how Dad looks as though he has been 'photoshopped' on this last pic!

The next stop was the 'Grotto'.  Beautiful:

We stopped for lunch in Port Campbell - a lovely seaside town:

We then stopped off at Loch Ard Gorge, where the Loch Ard (the subject of the show that we had seen in Warrnambool the night before) had crashed and sank;

Our last stop off was to view the Twelves Apostles, created by the erosion of the limestone cliffs by the erosion of the sea.  The first couple of pics had the sun shining directly into the camera, so the pics look like B&W silhouettes (er, I planned it that way!!)  Yet again, stunning!

Pretty amazing.  It would have been great to have followed the Great Ocean Road for a few more miles, but we had to head inland, and finished the day in Geelong, before driving to Melbourne tomorrow and our flight to Auckland NZ.  It really is difficult to take a bad photograph when the scenery is so lovely.  Australia - you have been a great hostess and I have enjoyed visiting you.  I will be back.  I promise . . . . . 

I hope that you will continue to follow this blog - a least for a few more days as there are some more adventures to be had in New Zealand!


  1. What beautiful photos - looks like the weather has been on your side for this trip. So glad you have enjoyed your very brief time Down Under (except for that little fall) - next time you must add Queensland into the agenda ... always just soooo much to see and do on holidays, you will need to go home to have a rest ...J

  2. Really lovely photos. As Judith said - on the next trip you must see QLD - the beautiful great barrier reef for starters.