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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Thursday September 26th 

Weather: Glorious!

After such a late bedtime (or was it early as it was after midnight -  I never really know!), this morning seemed to come round really quickly and by 11am we were on the ferry from Auckland to Waiheke, a sub-tropical island situated in the straits in-between North and South Island.  The weather was overcast, pretty windy and with a hint of rain, it did not look promising.  Until we set sail that was, and out came the sunshine!   

Our trip included a bus tour around the island.  I have never been on a bus tour before, I never really understood them – why not drive yourself around, at your own pace and stop off when and where you fancy?  So my hopes were not particularly high.  And guess what.  It was really rather good!  

Our driver was really informative and after having a good look round, and stopping at some lovely beauty spots, we chose to get off at the largest village, Oneroa, had a great lunch . . . . and then down to the beach to collect shells and paddle in the ocean.  Fabulous!  

My fully dressed Ursula Andress inpression (ok, and without the white bikini!!)

There were seashells EVERYWHERE!  Lots of happy gulls!

This bench had my name on it . . . .

Loved the name of this company (Pu Bear Power) and the owner had a huge Pooh Bear in the passenger seat.  Apparantly he picked up a lot of business due to the bear - good for him!!

The island is stunning – very lush (at this time of the year, although apparently last year it did not rain for around 4 months and a lot of the vegetation died off) with over 100 beaches.  We visited just 2 of them, and they were quite lovely.  Lots of sand between the ol’ toes and a great time was had by all.  Tomorrow is our trip to Hobbiton – but look what I found . . . . 

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  1. New Zealand is a beautiful country - thanks for bringing us some pics.