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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Return from the Outback - and some odds and ends

Weather: Sunny, 32c

We drove back from Coober Pedy to Adelaide today - about 800km making our outback trip about 3685km in total.  Quite some distance!  We arrived just in time for a fabulous home made lasagne and salad.  Ah, the joys of staying with an Italian!  Thanks Lina :)

Not much in the way of photos, but I still managed a few:

When in Rome - yep, watching Aussie Rules Footy when in Oz - has to be done.  It used to be televised quite a lot in the UK, but not all in Canada, so it has been fun to catch up on some matches.  I also managed to watch some cricket, and despite England losing three quick wickets, they went on to win a one day international against Australia (sorry new friends, but this is cricket!!)

This was for Dad - he wanted a pic of his motel room key in Coober Pedy . . .

Now, we are used to large vehicles in Canada taking up a LOT of space on the roads, but this behemoth came thundering by taking up BOTH the available lanes and pushing us onto the hard shoulder - wouldn't want to mess with this though!

And this is what is called a 'road train'.  Massive, articulated vehicles.  Sadly, I think that this one was a cattle truck.

This is Sturts Desert Pea - a wildflower that is actually the emblem for South Australia - where Adelaide can be found.  It grows low to the ground, where most other vegetation is grey and dried out.  It really stands out and is most vibrant, almost to the point of garish due to its surroundings.

So, that is us back in Adelaide.  It seems as though we have been in Oz for ages and we are not quite halfway through yet.  Tomorrow we plan to have a lazy day - maybe go out for lunch, and plan our trip to Sydney at the end of the week.

In response to Annie - I know that there are not many pics of me on the blog, mainly because I take photos on my camera of everyone else, and they take pics of me.  But I found a couple, including one painful 'selfie' - but it was taken at Uluru, so that must count for something!

It also looks as though the weather is cooling off for a few days . . . maybe that will keep the flies at bay!!

PS  I'll also have a look at the settings on this blog so that it will accept anonymous comments.  I know a few people have not been successful posting comments, so watch this space.

Update - I have changed the settings so that you can add comments anonymously, but the word verification thingy is there still.  Let me know if that is an issue!


  1. Wow - that is some Sunday drive! Enjoy your rest - It is always good to have a couple of slow days during a holiday.

  2. Lovely to see that you visited South Australia - most people don't, and the red dirt is really something. Road trains are fun to pass ( I had to do it once, prefer not to again) Luckily it is not too hot at this time of year during the day. I'll have to look at the rest of your diary.