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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad . . .

Flights, that is!  Boy it is a long way from Vancouver to Auckland, New Zealand - especially when the flight is pretty much all in darkness.  Managed to watch the new Star Trek film, Monsters University and the Interns.  Sharon and Paul took magic tablets and slept most of the way (ask no questions, tell no lies!) and my two glasses of Merlot helped :)

Not seen any scenery yet - it is currently 0520hrs here in NZ (and raining) but the final flight to Australia should be in daylight.  We crossed the international dateline - and lost September 4th.  We pick up a day on our return, so I guess that it will be a bit of a groundhog day!  Also found out that Adelaide is the only (or one of the only) timezones that is a half hour out - not a full hour.  Will look that up later, have only got 30mins WiFi here . . . .

And here is a quick pic of our chariot!

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