Musings, photos and general bits 'n' bobs about my trip to Australia and New Zealand, September 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Coober Pedy

Weather: 31c, sunny.  Saturday 14th

Nice drive from Kulgera to Coober Pedy arriving at about noon – here is Sharon driving!!

After quickly booking into our motel, The Mud Hut, we went off in search of lunch.  Coober Pedy is known for two main things – opal mining and underground homes, but that also involves other underground buildings – including our eatery, the Underground Restaurant.  The food was fabulous, the location and set up was great, and I would really recommend it to anyone passing through.



Our next port of call was the Old Timers opal mine,  We saw a demonstration of the ‘blower’ used to remove debris from the mines – kind of like a huge vacuum cleaner, then had a wander round the mines.  Again, it was amazing to what people went through to earn a living and/or to ‘strike it rich’.  We learned that opals come in many colors . . . . and a pair of silver star shaped opal earring might have fell into my shopping basket!

We were just leaving the mine when I spied a leaflet for a Kangaroo Orphanage in Coober Pedy – and you could feed the ‘roos.  Hell yes, book me in!  I should explain here that whenever we go to any country shows and they have the small farm animals for the little kiddies um, everyone to feed and touch, I'm in there.  We arrived for their 5.30pm feeding . . . . if that my hand that these cuties are munching from?  You betcha :)

The funny thing was, if my hand was too far away, they used their little paws to pull my hand so that they could get the food!  All these cuties have been orphaned - mostly due to their mothers being victims of roadkill.

And then they brought out the baby:

I am sure one would fit in my hand luggage . . . 


  1. Aww, aren't they lovely? I love 'Roos too, especially the little babby ones :o)

  2. So enjoying following along with you and glad you got to feed the roos. I love the animal feeding shows too. I am there with the kids and obviously you too.